Headlines: Halfway to Bill Hicks; Dreaming Grand Texas Theme Park Dreams

Photo: Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Did the NYT note the irony of including Houston and then a bunch of places you should go before they’re “ruined” by minerals wealth?

  • I thought Texas had a huge surplus this year, how can they not have the money for the parks?

  • I have the same question, I thought we had a surplus, plus $19 mill doesnt sound like much for our states budget.

  • There are many other calls on the Texas ‘surplus’, not least of which is the Medicaid that was left unfunded so Perry could pose as a budget-balancer before the election. So that has to be paid. Also, K-12 education is in the courts trying to get their cuts restored, etc etc. Good luck with your parks!

  • Texas has a huge surplus, but Gov. Perry is going to squander it all on tax cuts instead of properly funding schools, parks etc.

  • Barf! Enough with the Texas pride already! While Houston needs a theme park, we don’t need a Texas themed theme park, when we already have the state for that. At this point, the Earthquest concept seemed original and more interesting.

  • It’s a numbers game. It could be a surplus or a deficit depending on how you want to spin it.