Headlines: H&M Opening Lines; $1 Wi-Fi Bus to Austin

Photo of I-10: Josh Burdick via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • $1 bus rides? HSR is a luxury.

  • Is it possible for Houstonains to loath United any more than we already do? They have already eliminatd thousands of jobs in Houston and now they want to pull the Terminal B project (which is backed by a fee already collected by the COH) becuase they maight actually have to compete in the free market? If they leave us with a craptastic terminal B, I just may never fly them again, especially if they continue to attempt to charge me $870 for a direct, mid-week flight to Chicago when SW is going to charge $320 for a direct flight. Good luck to them.

  • I’m done with United. I have been an Elite traveler for five years. I’ll miss the upgrades…but can’t put up with the increased fares, poor United service and the relocation. It’s laughable that they relocated to Chicago without any negotiations with the city and then want to stop us from allowing another carrier to grow here. Did they expect us to remain loyal after being pooped on for the last 12 months?

    I am sure that the annouced layoffs have everything to do with SWA flights four years from now and nothing to do with the merger….Yes I was born yesterday, why do you ask?

    Lots of jobs about to be relocated to Denver.

  • It’s too bad United’s relationship with the city has deteriorated so much. I would think that they still need Houston and IAH, and that they’re just throwing a fit now to show that their threats weren’t totally idle. We’ll see. But if they do end up leaving a big gap in capacity at IAH, then it seems like another airline (or even a new one) could move in and do well.

  • It’s called the free market. Someone should have told the morons at United that is how our economy works. I hope they go out of business.

  • Bring it, United…Southwest will hire 1,300 to match their new growth in business.

  • I’m going to try to help everybody out here with an “i” tag:
    We’ll see if that works.

    But I’m glad to see everybody else saying the same thing – wah, wah, wah, United. Even without moving the headquarters Hobby and SWA should be allowed to compete, but you really expected the CoH to protect you after doing that?