Headlines: Hobby Going International; Astrodome Going Planetarium?

Photo of downtown rainbow: mlanza via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Astrodome should be turned into a Mini-Storage. All realtors unite and pool resources to pitch this deal to REIT’s or private investors to fix it up a little and convert to lockable cages for a mini storage.

  • Good god.. It won’t take 100mil to tear down the astrodome.. The problem is their ‘green’ space which will undoubtedly be as extravagant as disco green (costing around 160mil). Tear the dam* thing down and charge a premium for parking close to the stadium and the reliant center.. Leave a bronze plaque in the middle of the lot.. Viola! The space starts making money rather than being another wasting liability..

    Is it so hard?

  • Not just a rainbow, a DOUBLE rainbow, and it was awesome to see a rainbow over Houston that evening.


  • parking? Really?

  • I don’t have a problem tearing down the Astrodome but I do have a problem tearing it down for more surface parking. That’s gotta be the worse reuse of that land possible! Reliant Park is already an unattractive concrete jungle. Why not use the land for a gigantic communal green space or a plaza?!!