Headlines: Horse Barn Goes Down at A&M; Playboy Goes Up in Marfa

Photo of Hwy. 59 at West Loop: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr pool

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  • Good for Culberson, keep that hipster wet dream dead at inception.

    A hipster walks into a bar … the one you probably never heard of.

  • I like that rail is consistently written off as being a plaything of only the hipsters and liberal elite, as if they are the only ones that would like an alternative to driving. Oh wait, I forgot, car ownership is not only considered a birthright in Houston, but is also the national past time. I was particularly grateful for that more charming aspect of life in Houston on Saturday as I drove the loop: northbound lanes were at a total standstill. On a Saturday. Yeah, freeways are a totally rational and sustainable way to move people around.

    I’m glad our legislators know what’s best for us and continue to limit transportation options.

  • MJ: There’s already an alternative to driving. I used it this morning to get to work. I didn’t see any hipsters on the bus with me though. I almost never drive on the loop or any of Houston’s other freeways. If you choose the right place to live and don’t mind getting on a bus with people who aren’t the liberal elite it’s easy.

  • I wonder when Culberson will block federal funding for the expansion of US 290, or federal funding for the Grand Parkway. I mean, if we can’t afford rail lines, surely we can’t afford more roads. And when was the last time a road project in Harris County was put on the ballot as a referendum to be voted upon?

  • Never saw hipsters on the bus or the light rail. In fact, I haven’t seen any in Houston altogether.

    If there were any, I doubt they’d be going anywhere near Post Oak, though I can admit that a University line has the potential to attract a few, since a Sharpstown-to-Third Ward commute would be like catnip to hipsters, right?

    Good old Culberson, looking out for the

  • Then more that 50% of Houstonians are hipsters, having voted for these rail projects.

  • Wish the rail on Richmond would have started years ago.