Headlines: Hotel Alden in New Hands; Signs of an Illegal Grow House

Photo of St. Joseph Professional Building, Crawford and I-45: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Wait a minute, the Vietnamese organized crime ring had $6 million in “assets,” but they were too cheap to pay for their own electricity?

  • Awesome reporting by the Leader! :-)

  • Jefe, not too cheap, using too much “metered” electricity on a house of a given size is a dead giveaway that it’s a grow house. Power companies’ computers will red flag it. They even started monitoring “average use per house” behind certain transformers to catch people bypassing their own meters. I hear the new new Smart Meters even have a bypass feature that can detect if there’s too much juice flowing “behind” it.

  • More clever solutions for a problem that shouldn’t exist.

    It’s not like eliminating this grow house had a measurable effect on pot availability. Just give up already.

  • worthless efforts for sure, but it does give the departments involved a better record and thus good justification for keepiung their bloated budgets in tact.

    we should thank these dealers for keeping federal money flowing into houston.

  • Best place for a growhouse: All bills paid apt complex. Can’t meter your unit. Pay ~$500-$600/month and grow away.
    Just sayin’

  • Cody, I’m sure you’re joking with that, but be careful if you’re not – asset forfeitures can go on under some pretty flimsy justifications: Motel Owners in MA

  • It sounds like the best hope for the Battleship Texas is to get damaged by a hurricane.

  • If you’re growing properly, the smell would be to much for an apartment complex.

  • maybe turn Battleship Texas into a “grow ship”

  • that’s what I’m sayin!!
    The ‘Dome. Hydroponic medical dope.