Headlines: Hotels and Apartments for Highland Village; A Barnaby’s for Downtown

Photo of yesterday’s flooding in Cypress: Ralph and Valerie Thrasher/KHOU

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  • Another proposal for a mixed use hotel, shops, apartments, and offices in that area. I hope this one actually comes to fruition. It’s neighbors Highstreet and river oaks district also both started off with grand plans of mixed use hotel, shops, residential, office combo and look how they turned out. Both downsized one to a apartment complex with a little retail and the other has been downsized and can’t even get off the ground. Hopefully this one will be developed to its full potential. Think of how amazing that stretch off westheimer could have been if the other two would have been developed to their full potential. Even blvd place and regeant square can’t get off the ground.

  • High Street, et al, were victims of the recession. I am sure this development will get scaled down as the rubber hits the road. Most start out with pie in the sky ideas and gradually slim down as dollars a put to dirt. But, I think we will eventually see market forces come around to better support mix use developments. There are a lot of people moving inside the loop these days. Many of them are young professionals who eat out a lot, go out to bars/clubs regularly and like to shop. You can only cram so many people on Washington ave and in shopping centers like River Oaks and Highland Village. Retail space is already at a premium inside the loop with strong demand backing it. I think the invisible hand of the market will become a bit more visible when it comes to mixed use developments.