Headlines: House of Pies Burns; Why the Astrodome Plan Lost

Photo of House of Pies fire: KHOU

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  • The Astrodome deal failed because Houstonians repeatedly reject plans to save dilapidated buildings in favor of new development. Not sure why anyone is surprised. Nostalgia rarely wins out.

  • “The product only failed because consumers had no interest in paying money for it,” said Captain Obvious.

  • But, Houstonians supported the drainage fee and the HISD bond. There is certainly a significant number of anti-tax nuts in Houston who would not support a one penny a year tax to cure cancer and heart disease. But the broader electorate is willing to fund things that they see as a benefit to the community. The Astrodome convention center idea would just benefit a very small group of people and mostly be used by people coming in from out of town. That is probably why it did not pass.

  • I guess “House Of Guys” burning gives the word flamin’ a whole new meaning.