Headlines: Houston’s Disappearing Skyscraper Views; Deer Park Prairie’s Windfall

Photo of “Twilight Epiphany” at Rice University: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I have not been up there in years, but the sky lobby in the Wells Fargo tower always had a strong stench of urine. Seems like the kind of thing that building management would have fixed quickly, but it persisted for months and wasn’t remedied the last time I went through there.

  • I wonder if the developer (or another developer) might consider getting into the Deer Park Prairie and maybe only build 1/3 the houses. If the rest could be put in some sort of conservation easement. The fewer houses might could be sold for more. e.g the selling point is you will never have neighbors behind you. Prob kills the developers economy of scale though.

  • @nate99-Management never wants the guard to leave their post.

  • That is incredible. I hope the prairie is saved.

  • @Rex, interesting idea, I just don’t think it would work way out there, limiting supply way in the boonies is not like limiting supply in River Oaks or Memorial, prices on homes will not necessarily jump enough to cover the difference in lost revenue.