Headlines: Houston’s Super Bowl Odds; Support for Vehicle Registration Fee Hike

Photo of Buffalo Bayou at I-45: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • You have just got to love the scumbag Texas Legislature, wanting to double the vehicle registration yet, not calling it a tax increase. When will my fellow Texans and Americans wake up to the BS that the republican legislators attempt to sell us with their sanctimonious No Tax Increase crap. While nobody likes to pay taxes, it is simply par for the course if we choose to live in a “civilized society,” call a spade a spade if it’s a tax increase.

    I am a born & raised native Texan and it is embarrasing that our state is run by the idiots that it is, it is also disenhertening that the gullible voters continue to elect these same people. WAKE UP!

  • choosing outrageous registration fees over higher gas taxes is so ignorant…true texan style.

    however, nobody can deny that our roads are fu*@#* and need much more funding.