Headlines: Itemizing Astrodome Tax Expenses; El Tiempo Cantina Heading South

Photo of Center St. near Washington Ave: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Every Houstonian should be outraged at the money wasted on the Dome to just sit there empty for the past 11 years. A good 3 or 4 years was wasted on ARC’s boondongle hotel convention center idea only to find out in the end that they didn’t have financing and the Rodeo and Texans didn’t like the idea either. The last 6 years have been spent on countless studies leading nowhere because none of the studies involve how to pay for redevelopment. It’s time to put up or shut up on the Dome, either something can be done with it or it can’t, but it can’t sit there forever.

  • The only roadblock to redevelopment of the Dome, as I see it, are two self-interested organizations that are afforded an unwarranted and undeserved say in the matter.

  • Regarding matress mack’s comment about the Galleria’s “transportation system is not broken.” Does he not realize that a large fraction of the city avoids the Galleria like the plague because of the traffic? Also, the spillover onto 610 creates two of the worst traffic intersections in the US.

  • to be clear, thats 8MM less to go to schools, cops and other essential resources to make everyone’s standards of living better in this city.

    why does houston tolerate these groups again? how much of our money has been wasted on all the sports arenas and the greater houston sports complex?

  • Mack’s NIMBY tantrum is putting him in the ranks of the Afton Oaks and Anti-Ashby Highrise crowd.
    Why does Mattress Mack’s opinion even matter, anyway? Does he own a civil engineering degree? Does he work with the Texas A&M traffic institute? What’s that? No?! Well then politely go about your business hocking Temperpedics and couches.
    Although, you’re half right Mack. Few people will probably ride Metro to go to your Uptown store. Thought experiment: Can you imagine a world where single people take a bus instead of a car thereby leaving more room on the street for those IN cars?! No? You’re right, buses are for commie poors.
    To say that the traffic situation isn’t broken and ‘its good the way it is’ is to show how out of touch you are.
    I’ll save my own money, thank you, and kindly shop at another furniture store in the future.

  • Whenever I dare go to the Galleria, I always end up wanting to shop on the north side of Westheimer at the sports store or discount shops. But after dealing with parking at the Galleria, the last thing I want to do is try to park in the packed surface lots north of Westheimer. It is like getting a colonoscopy after having a root canal done. The bus line would let people get from the Galleria to the stores north of Westheimer and ultimately to the new Blvd place development. Mack doesn’t give a crap about those shoppers. His customers are typically coming down just to shop for furniture and do not need a shuttle to other parts of the area.

  • @TheNiche, The Rodeo and Texans have exclusive rights in their lease agreements for Reliant park that they have final approval on redevelopment of the Dome. You think that the Rodeo and Texans are holding back “Astrodome Tomorrow”? I think it’s lack of interest and lack of funding.

  • Right on, Mack!

  • The key thing Mack probably didn’t know prior to this article is the part that 37% of all downtown workers ride buses to work everyday. The predominant thought is that Houston has a terrible, ineffective mass transit system, but Metro’s Park and Ride is actually hugely successful and could be a great model for the Galleria.

  • “48.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” -Steven Wright