Headlines: Judge Orders New Dam Study for Grand Parkway; Even More Dunkin’ Donuts Heading for Houston

Photo of Hermann Park’s Sam Houston statue: elnina999 via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Hahahahahahaha…

    Reminds me of the guy that went dam fishing and bought some dam bait…I could go on further.

  • One more comment:

    “Houston Will Have a Strong Office Market as Long as Oil Prices Remain Stable, Says Analyst”

    This analyst deserves an award! Perhaps a Captain Obvious Medal?

  • The Stop Ashby people needed to go down the street and protest the Define studio at Bissonnet and Kelvin – 30 to 40 blonde ponytails making an unprotected left turn 200 feet past a major intersection (where the street goes from 4 lanes to 2) at 9 and 5:30 every weekday is an actual traffic engineering problem.

  • If everyone who ends up living(how many units again) at Ashby came home during rush hour, what percentage of traffic would they constitute? How come traffic is the fault of that small percentage, and not the rest of drivers’?

  • i for one at least hope all the additional traffic mean the southampton folks won’t be trying to run me over in their land rovers and mercedes going 40mph on residential streets.