Headlines: Kicking Out Artista; Bringing New Orleans to Sugar Land

Photo of 2003 Union St. near Washington Ave: Molly Block via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Who needs a website to tell you that someone died in your house when the daughter of the former owner stops by while you’re having a dinner party to tell you that her uncle and brother died in your house? happened to me earlier this summer!

  • those townhomes show little resemblance to the french quarter

  • I was hesitant to celebrate when Forbes declared Houston to be cool, but how can you argue with CreditDonkey. Only problem is that Houston is no. 9 on the list and Columbus, OH is no. 3.

  • You could argue that the style of the porches is somewhat like some of the houses in Uptown New Orleans, but I don’t see anything that looks remotely “French Quarter” about those houses. It’s about as far from the flesh-for-beads transaction as you can get.

  • That’s an insult to New Orleans homes

  • Hey, they’re just like New Orleans. They have walls, roofs, windows, doors, the occasional balcony…and the detached garages for which the Quarter is well known.

    Question – since in much of NOLA “detached garage” means that if you want to park your car under cover, it’s going to be blocks if not miles away, where will the garages be for this project?