Headlines: Knocking Down the Post Oak Hills

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  • My office overlooks those apartments, weird. Our parking garage separates us from them. They do look half empty and somewhat poorly maintained.

  • My wife lived in the Hills Post Oak before we got married in 2010. The complex was supposed to be torn down in 2008, but the deal collapsed due to the economy. However, by then most of the units were in disrepair.

    The owners rehabbed a few rooms for anyone who was interested in moving back. The owners are family friends that have owned the property for decades. The rent was cheap (1 bedroom for $700 in the heart of the Galleria/Uptown area), and the grounds were very private.

    Some interesting characters lived there. A few of the units had some great townhomes and we almost lived there after getting married. Will be sad to see this place go, but the owners were motivated to move on once the market turned back.

  • Cool Simon, I overlook that all from 3 riverway.. I do like the spiral stair cases..

  • About the bayou wrecks…at least these drunk people finally stopped running into the Metro train.

  • Are these apartments still open .. we have called the number for the complex and it is disconnected …at least the one on the web .. I wrote the owner through FB and he has not answered … and I have a friend that needs a unit without a lease RIGHT NOW .. as she is redtagged out of her apt and she knows the owners too… has known them for years ..but we are hesitant to call as we know there was illness in the family