Headlines: La Fisheria’s Kids Ban; George Mitchell Highway’s Delay

Photo of Shipley Donuts at 3932 N. Main: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Yep good call by La Fisheria. I’m sure there will be parents out there that are so offended by it, but chances are they’re the ones that have the kids who ruin everyone else’s meals anyways.

  • I love the fact that we’re trying to make Herman Park the jewel that it should be.
    The western edge issue should, I think, be looked at some more.
    Do we truly need to have both Main AND Fannin with two way traffic? Could we reclaim more of the park by eliminating this stretch of Fannin and shifting the light rail closer to Main? I’m pretty sure that train has left the station, however.
    Here’s hoping that TXDot doesn’t muck all this progress with direct connectors to McGregor.

  • It would be good for more restaurants to ban kids after let’s say 4 pm, parents these days simply can’t control their “seed of Chucky”. Children are like farts, you can appreciate your own, but everyone else’s are disgusting.

  • 7 PM is too early. Fisheria is one of our favorite restaurants and we go with the kids after work at around 6PM and it’s not possible to leave by 7. The staff is very nice and they are great to us and our kids. Too bad. They’ll lose our business on weekdays, but we’ll continue to go on weekends for brunch.

  • Rafa, I am sure that you and your family would be more than welcomed @ 6, and until you finish your meal, the curfew seems to be aimed more at the thoughtless parents who insist on taking their young ones out @ 8-9PM ,and can’t understand or be bothered as to why they are acting out or running around….

    I love my 4 month old son, and I love most other kids, but clueless parents, thats a whole other story….

  • Fisheria wants to sell more drinks and wine after 7pm and they need to cater to the older Heights people for that.

  • @Rafa Like “Kitchen Closes At” times, I’m sure the 7pm cut-off is an arrival cut-off. If you’re there at 6:30, I doubt they’ll kick you out. And if it’s not stated on their sign, I’d ask them to elucidate. Not for your sake, but so that when you are there, others will understand that you arrived before that time.

    Just like dress policies that state “no tennis shoes”, this is just an easy way to set the bar without having to personally confront the one or two that should have known better. If it’s slightly over-broad (and I don’t think it is) it’s no harm.

    And how that tube transport blogger managed to be unaware of http://www.et3.com and the rumors that Elon is one of the licensees is beyond me. It’s not pneumatics, it’s vacuum sealed mag-lev.

  • it’s at least a good marketing ploy. never even heard of that place until it was in the news because of this.

    love seeing everyone wanting to ban kids though. i know in all my experiences no childless couples have ever caused distractions/disruptions and it’s always the kids and families. if only we could ban families from ever leaving the house.

  • I can live with the 7 thing.

    My kids are in bed no later than 8. 7 seems reasonable to me.

    My kids are good or terrible. Pick the moment. Seems reasonable for them to be home by 7:30 pm. After that time, the likelihood they’ll be terrible increases, because they’re tired.

    Can we get kids banned from movies after 5? Nothing ruins date night like thinking about the futures of other’s kids who are 2, up past 9 pm, and who watch zombies eat people.

  • The Fisheria story made Austin TV today.

    Will Brian Williams pick it up next?

    Kidding aside, it does seem that many parents today are more immune to the screaming, fit throwing antics of their own kids.

    I am always amazed at the things today’s moms will overlook when out in public. I was in HEB (not in Houston) the other day and a mom had one kid in the basket and another walking beside her. The basket kid kept picking up things at his level and throwing them willy nilly. Mom just quietly told him to stop and left the items stay where they fell.

  • I’m all for it and I like kids! It is about time businesses start realizing that it is not smart to try and be all things to all people. There are 10,000 other places for kids to eat and the likelihood a 6 year old is dying to try Lobster Tail over Red Beet Risotto seems slim to none.

  • I certainly wish movie theaters would ban kids after a certain hour. I have kids and I did not take them out to restaurants in the evenings till they were able to sit still and have a conversation like a young adult! So for years fast food and family friendly restaurants were our only choice. So why not have kid-free restaurants…They certainly will get my business!

  • @Pye, no need to put your kidding aside, the story was on the national news this morning. Strange that such a common sense restriction is getting so much attention. Gilhooley’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar in San Leon bans children of all ages 24/7. It’s posted out front.