Headlines: League City Tax Rebate Mulled; Anahuac Out of Whack

Photo of Alabama Theater Trader Joe’s: Brett Falkenhagen

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  • So Anahuac’s water plant broke down in 2010 and it has done nothing about that?

  • Regarding all the new apartments. Right now there is much more demand than supply, but at some point (of new units coming online) new supply will overtake demand.
    The one thing not mentioned in the story that might help balance things out is a lot of older properties are being knocked down to make way for these new places. So they might toss up a new 100 unit building but what was knocked down to build it?
    And while new properties tend to be higher and denser, some old properties are pretty dense for their height due to grandfathered parking requirements. We own a 43 unit building that has 23 parking spots. You couldn’t do something like that today.

  • I know several folk who inhabit some of these new apartments… the common theme seems to be that petty crimes (thefts, burglary) are quite frequent.

  • Why is there no mention of the sale of the Penguin Arms? I would have thought this would be an important headline for this group.

  • @break Where’d you read about that?

  • @ #5,

    Check out the Harris County Clerk’s site. Apparently it happened last November.