Headlines: Limiting Light Rail Freeloaders; Debating Food Trucks with Mayor Parker

Photo of Richmond Ave. farmers market: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Am I the only one who thinks that spending half a million to power wash the dome is absurd? It won’t make a difference. No one wanted to use the Dome back when it was usable and could hold events, why would a power wash change anything?

  • “La Centerra”, Spanish for “The Centerra”

  • Any updates on the food trucks? Nothing has been posted on the MFU Houston website since September.

  • Re La Centerra: It is hard to imagine developers similarly making up fake French or German words. Here we have Cortona and Cetona.
    At least the latter can charitably be translated as a corruption of acetona = ketone.

  • Metro fare enforcement is great news for those of us who pay to ride. I’m expecting temporary reduction in riders as the freeloaders leave, with a return to normal capacity as new people start riding because the atmosphere is much more pleasent among true customers. People value what they have to pay for.

    It’s funny that more people accept rail commuting since it’s not as “low class”, yet buses do a better job of screening out the people that detract from the experience. I see it as another good argument in favor of the BRT compromise.

  • @MC
    I too think that powerwashing it does nothing to help the effort and I want to save the thing!
    BTW, the ‘oasis’ idea is the stupidest idea I’ve heard yet.
    Steve Radack is a hack. I think that the gameplan is to push more and more ridiculous ideas so that way tearing it down seems to be the most logical. Detention pond next to a stadium? Next to rodeo events? Not in a park / greenspace? Is it going to look like the eyesore detention ponds added next to I10 by TXDOT? Please.
    If we aren’t saving the Dome as an occupied building of some sort, anything less than a park is a travesty. Grassland PROVIDES flood abatement by NOT being concrete too Steve.
    Again, the best compromise is the UH student’s idea of saving the skeleton of the Dome and making it a park. Saves some history, adds a park. Win, win. Cost? IDK, but it’s less than saving the thing entirely and it doesn’t add a not-needed parking lot.

  • Another study that concludes Texas is dangerous for pedestrians. Focusing on the pedestrians getting struck and killed, rather thatn the stupid-ass drivers.

  • What percentage of the pedestrian casualties were playing “Freeway Frogger”?

  • Re: METRO Golden Train enforcement: We rode it during the rodeo just to see what it was all about and at one stop, METRO Police were checking people and writing tickets.

  • yea power wash the dome that will solve all your problems.