Headlines: Losing Minute Maid Park’s Toy Train; Sugar Land Under Surveillance

Photo of Minute Maid Park train: Mark Hodgins via Flickr [license]

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  • I think the Bagby story is funny and still somewhat suspicious. For all we know, it could have been a stunt to drive traffic to their website. An entire story based on an unnamed source and without official word from the City? Maybe, maybe not.

    It seems this type of reporting and resolution to a story sets a precedence for anything to be reported and made up.

    I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but only one unnamed source isn’t reliable reporting.

    “An unnamed source says 290 to be 15 lanes” Three days later…”Unnamed source now says 15 lanes will be nixed.”

  • Guess they’re not going to replace the train with a space shuttle either.

  • In scale, I’m sorry, those are PUMPKINS, not oranges…and that’s exactly what they look like from a distance.

    …and good riddance.

  • JM,
    Sorry if you don’t believe the story. We actually had started to get lazy with posting until our friend contacted us. We really could care less about traffic. We were just trying to rally the neighborhood which thankfully worked.

  • Remove the Minute Maid Train? Goes to show you can do anything you want to as long as it’s ‘for the children (sniffle)’. Obviously it would be the acme of churlishness to object.

  • I’m with Udunno. I always thought those were pumpkins. I had no idea they were supposed to be oranges until I read it here this morning.

  • NOOOOO! Don’t take away that train–leave it alone. That symbolizes Houston’s past. Union Station is an important landmark for the city right before that baseball park was built. If you take it away, then you take away an important part of that field’s identity…

  • back in the enron field days, that train car was full of “questionable transactions”.

  • I nominate Spiteful for Quote Of The Day

  • @Innerlooped I was wrong. I noticed that Tory Gattis had confirming sources. I wasn’t saying you were lying, just telling about the possibilities. Even though it was the truth, it seemed suspicious. Good job on breaking the news though. Glad to know it was true.

  • The stupid train was always a bad joke on Houston anyway. In renovating Houston’s Union Station, the Sports Authority refused to even consider having a real Metro rail station included in the plan to bring fans to the Park, like anyone with a brain would do. Instead, they ripped up all the existing tracks and gave us a fake train on top of a wall. Brilliant, all of them.

  • Minute Maid… Pumpkins?

  • Yeah Mel, that’s what I thought too.

    I guess they are supposed to ~look~ like oranges from afar.

  • As oranges or pumpkins have SO much to do with Houston.