Headlines: Lower Limit for Yale St. Bridge; Biz Journals Count 6.18 Million Houstonians

Photo of Buffalo Bayou from McKee St. Bridge: Mike Fisher [license]

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  • How is 6.18 a milestone? Aren’t these normally rounded to at least the nearest half or whole million?

  • Seems like they’re rounding to the nearest ten-thousand.

  • @Rodrigo: Then I guess our population hits a “milestone” every 15 days or so.

  • Wait now….do they mean in the city limits, or in the Houston area?

  • 6.18MM is a metro area number (albeit one considerably higher than I had seen before). Houston proper is just a shade under 2.1MM

  • I was reading Richard Hamming last night say to look under the hood when someone gives you very accurate data to work with; in this case I’d aimagine them adding “x county areas” grouped by commute patterns that the Census defines at the county level. For densities above rural levels, they look for >14% of households to be working in a ‘central county’ before they call it part of the Area. This would not be hard at all, with existing maps and numbers, to do at Census Tract level for far greater precision. Statisticians likely have checked the effect of using one or the other and made a tradeoff.