Headlines: Luring Developers Downtown; River Oaks Crime Wave

Photo of ghost signs at Congress and Bastrop: Molly Block via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Crime has been bad for a long time in river oaks/greenway area. Tons of car break ins and there really are no consequences for the thieves. Apartments and garages have cameras to appease the lawyers but they arent effective. My vehicle gets broken in to at least once a year.

  • Although the OKRA bar seems like a feelgood endeavor on the surface, I see it’s doomed to fail. When individuals are not pressured by either personal gain or fear of ruin, they will not work as hard as they should to make a business succeed.

  • More people downtown? Oh no! You know what ‘city people’ are like: they walk, ride trains, ride bikes. All the stuff you warn your kids not to do.

  • Somebody needs to tell these new innerloopers something I learned (the hard way) when I moved into Montrose over two decades ago…don’t leave anything valuable in your car, ever. And don’t leave a $3000 (or even a $300) bicycle chained to an unguarded bike rack overnight, unless you really want it to be gone the next morning.

  • I really hope that the downtown incentives program for residential development really takes off.

  • What kind of IDIOT leaves a gun in their car? Thanks a lot, morons.

  • The recommendations for the Washington Ave Liveable Centers all seem great and almost kind of common sense. It could be a model for the city if there was actually a way to make it happen. Since there is no zoning, or even strong planning in this city, how can these recommendations be brought into practice? What entity will be responsible for making sure these things happen? How can the area encourage developers to take these recommendations seriously when there is no legal regulation or requirement to do so?

  • Sara, sounds like you’re making a comment against a group of people that you feel don’t like downtown people. Though I haven’t seen people advocating the position you’re arguing against.
    Most people on Swamplot DO like the idea of density, walkability, etc. And guessing by the price of a home in Montrose (or most inner loop) vs. the burbs, I’d say most people in Houston agree.

  • Cody, I know, I know. I think the snark hit me a bit too hard this morning (was missing my old city after a visit back) & I hit send.

  • Whether it’s valuable or not, don’t leave it in sight in your car. I had a friend whose car was broken into to steal a (hot!) 6 pack of Sprite.

  • My rule: Never lock car. Never leave valuables inside car.

    Break-ins and thefts have been reduced by 100%. :-)

  • I used to do that too, until one morning I found a homeless guy sleeping IN my car. Hilarity ensued.

  • did Lysol ensue too?
    I second the recommendation to ‘never lock car.’ At least try it! it’s very freeing somehow. After my window was broken out and I took two weeks to fix it, I loved just walking away from the car without any nagging feeling of responsibility to check-double-check.