Headlines: Mall of the Mainland Discount; Houston Raining Acorns

Photo of Lakewood Church, Greenway Plaza: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Heaving Acorn dropping typically is looked upon as signs of a harsh Winter is coming.

  • At my house it’s crazy. I’ve shop-vac’ed bags n’ bags n’ bags of acorns. I’m about to just give up and let the cars keep powdering them.

  • I wish acorns could be sold. I would be a filthy rich millionaire. Unbelievable how many my 2 oak trees produced and they keep falling. this past weekend, I filled my black trash can 4x to dump in the back. there are still alot more

  • We too are having a bumper crop of acorns from two fairly young trees.

    But, as far as the parks department sculptures, I’d personally rather see a huge John Glenn standing there. The piece honoring him seems a bit more difficult to make out if one is driving past the place.

    And like it or not, that’s what most folks will do……drive past it and wonder what that is “over there”. I’ll be checking it out myself one day soon.

    I’m going out on a limb here, but most people under the age of 30, right here in Houston, are probably not even aware of the connection between that parks building and the space program.

  • kjb: You mean we are going to have an actual winter? For real?

  • Hanabi-chan,

    It’s an old tale told throughout the south.

    Maybe just solid month or two of mid-40 degree weather. That’s pretty much a severe winter in Houston.

  • I swear, one fall acorns were so plentiful that squirrels along the Rice U. jogging trail were pelting the runners with them.

  • I did drive by the Gragg Park site today.

    It is less than inspiring. Sure, Gagarin is standing there, arms outstretched, reaching for the skies as described. Bronze. Almost majestic.

    In contrast, Glenn’s is horrible. A huge 17′ (iirc) wide stainless steel “thing” that is hardly discernable to be anything, let alone John Glenn.

    I have to credit Parker for asking that the Russians include a tribute to Glenn. Initially, they only offered one to Gagarin. But, I have to wonder who in hell approved this John Glenn piece of crap. The metal artists who created it surely could have done better.

    OK, I’m not an artist. I’m not an art critic but to me, it’s not nearly as meaningful as the Russian’s statue. Sure, he was first in space. Great. But Glenn was our first in space. This is an extreme disappointment to me and I’d think to any Houstonian who was here, in Houston, at the time all this space race was beginning. I was in high school, right here in town, during this time and we discussed all of it in class almost as it was taking place.

    If anyone is interested in viewing the installation, don’t expect much with a drive by. You’ll need to drive into the building’s driveway, under the portico and as you begin to exit back onto Wayside, there are 3 parking spaces where you may park. Get out, walk up to the pieces and read the information. Not too spectacular as far as I’m concerned.