Headlines: Many More Dunkin’ Donuts; Free Metro Rides on Labor Day

Photo of downtown parking garage: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • a.) Bernie’s is blowing up and I couldn’t be happier for them. They serve excellent food with a smile and deserve all the good things coming their way.

    b.) I just got back from Boston and had some of the crappiest donuts of my life at a Dunkin. They are far, FAR, inferior to Shipley’s. I don’t see how they can even hope to compete.

  • Forget the donuts–they have the worst coffee imaginable, and yet people seem to flock to it. Why, why, why?

  • What does Aramark think of BBB?

  • We used to have Dunkin Donuts here. I remember the one on Shepherd to be a fairly dreary place with not a lot of customers. I think Krispy Kreme did in the Houston locations.

  • Hyperloop??? a people pipeline? Geez, Texas should be leading the nation in this technology!!! Might be the answer to the long sought highspeed rail to San Antonio & Dallas – heck just plop one in with the Keystone XL – the Keystone XL+. Tack a few onto the sides of the freeways and they could serve double duty as guardrails.

  • Hyperloop instead of high speed rail between Houston and Dallas please. If LA to SF would cost ~$7 billion, we should be able to build links between Houston, DFW, Austin, AND San Antonio for the $10 billion that private high speed rail group is looking to spend.

  • Can we replace the HOT lanes with hyperloop tubes? Who wouldn’t pay $5 bucks to travel from The Woodlands to Downtown in 5 minutes? It’d be cheaper than gas! That’d be a game changer.
    How about a hyperloop tube to Galveston? Think of how efficient evacuation would be with an on coming hurricane.

  • I only stopped at Bernie’s once. The burger was not very good. So many other better ones around…

  • @ Bernard – It sounds like an unfortunate self image issue that you don’t much care for Bernie’s burgers. No offense, but I agree. About the burgers, that is.