Headlines: Marfreless’s Last Call; Salata’s National Expansion

Photo of Minute Maid Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • No homeowner who lives with those herons would question that decision. We have six pairs nesting in an oak in our yard — they are beautiful birds, but foul creatures. For the next few months, our yard will be littered with crawfish shells and carcasses of frogs and fish. It’s living at the flamingo exhibit at the zoo.

    And then, when they are too prolific, they’ll start pushing the “surplus” young out of the nests high in the trees and leave them to die in the street below.

    Again, they are beautiful to look at but difficult to live with. He has my sympathies.

  • The HPD dive team was called out to recover the body at the Discovery Green pond? Isn’t that like 2 feet deep? I’m imagining someone in full SCUBA gear combing the bottom for evidence…

  • @Txcon,
    I know, right? As a homeowner in the U.S. of A it’s your g()&-damned right to able to eliminate the existence of any and all of the nature that exists around your property.

  • Yeah! Birds dictate what we can do with the trees on our property.