Headlines: Massive West Beach Development Back from the Dead

Photo of Texas Medical Center: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • RE: Uptown Transit Plan
    “The project’s needed right-of-way takings, planned median closings, additional signal lights, for either bus or rail project, will impact ingress-egress to all office, retail, hotel and residential high rises, including a loss of grade-level parking where grade-level parking is highly desirable,” Magaziner said. “I’d wait to see if future traffic demands on South Post Oak Boulevard in 2025-2030 really dictate spoiling Houston’s most prestigious street landscape.”
    Give me a break. I don’t understand what universe improving transit access in a dense urban corridor counts as “spoiling” something by replacing at-grade parking.

  • There seems to be some portion of the Houston’s resident and business population that believes an evolution of the urban core from strip center-and-pad-with-fronting-parking-lot-on-high-speed-thoroughfare toward a configuration with slower-speed streets (whether from congestion or physical changes such as Uptown is proposing), wider sidewalks with fronting retail, and parking in garages represents a major injury to quality of life. I personally disagree, Houston is a great enough city that we can handle this. However, I am very curious as to what proportion of the population agrees with Mr. Magaziner.