Headlines: ‘Mega’ Twin Peaks for The Woodlands; $21M Post-Ike Rebuilding Windfall for Galveston

Photo of the University of Houston’s football stadium: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Twin Peaks has much better food than Hooters… Interesting to watch how there’s one popping up around town literally across the street from Hooters. There is a Hooters across the freeway from the Woodlands location.

  • Funny how we can build toll roads with tax money wherever and whenever, but if METRO wants light rail, the local politicians always think we have to a have referendum put before the voters.

  • Mega Twin Peaks? Will these gals need custom, wraparound serving trays? I need to charge for my ideas…

  • That’s a pretty tittylating idea, but I’m afraid the place can become a boobie trap ;)

  • @ Shady
    Traffic free highways and ample parking for wherever you’re driving / going at any time of the day is why we fought for our independence from Mexico.
    Read a book.

  • I loved Curbed, and read the LA and NY sections pretty religiously. I understand their interest in expanding to Houston, but I have to wonder if there is enough room in this one stoplight town for two real estate blogs?

  • @shadyheightster…not only that, but “tollways, parkways” literally in the middle of nowhere! It’s okay to build these freeways surrounded by cow pastures but it’s almost criminal to suggest building light rail where the population already exists to support it.

  • Shady and Eddie are obviously clueless if they think tax money goes to toll road construction.

    if there was tax money available, they wouldn’t need the tolls.