Headlines: Meteor Spotting; Menil Fresco Farewell

Photo of Hermann Park: Theresa Quintanilla [license]

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  • Harris County is called a “hot spot for terrorism” because, from 1970-2008 there were 11 incidents of “terrorism”.
    “Eight of these attacks were single issue attacks, which were put by groups or individuals with very specific causes, such as anti-abortion. The other three attacks were extreme right-wing attacks, which were by groups that believe one’s personal way of life is threatened.”
    Sounds like a cold spot to me.

  • Dana-X: I thought the same thing.

  • Don’t forget the gay parade/march during the ’92 GOP Convention… when the HPD funneled the whole procession onto a dead-end street by the Dome and commenced to whoopin ass. That was pretty terrorist-ic.

  • Can we not use the world “terrorism” for attacks based on ideology? Pretty sure the entire US has been a terrorism cold spot for the last ten years.

  • Re: above comment, that would be individuals attacking each other based on what they believe. “Terrorism” is a powerful term and should be reserved for large, generalized attacks on the public IMO.

  • All Bush’s fault.

  • Ian V: That changes the definition of terrorism that has been in use for more than 100 years. Large attacks on civilians are terrorism, of course, but so are individual assassinations (for example, the murder of abortion doctor George Tillman in 2009). So are attacks on buildings that are meant to spread fear (politically motivated arsons). Because if these things aren’t “terrorism,” then we are going to have to come up with another word that differentiates them from mere murder or arson.

  • Everyone go visit the Byzantine Frescoes and make Houston a hot-spot for peace and harmony.