Headlines: Midtown’s Art Evolution; Zombies at the Alley Theatre

Photo of Sawyer Park, Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • What’s the deal with the Sam Houston mural, what is it supposed to be For or Against?

  • Re. Kimberley Lane zombies: Wealthy white people seem to be the most obnoxious neighbors someone could ever have.

  • @commonsense I wonder the same thing every day. Am I being told I shouldn’t be renting if I really love Houston? Technically Sam Houston didn’t come to Houston at all because it wasn’t named after him yet. So confused….

  • I think Sawyer Park is just that upset at the new apartment block going up across the street that blocks their skyline view.

  • Our flight out of La Guardia to Houston was cancelled yesterday so we rented a car and drove to Chicago to fly out tonight. Taking advantage of our first trip here? :)

  • Nobody seems to understand what the hell that mural means. I doubt the creator even knows what it means. It seems like it was done to make people take notice and nothing else. It’s a lame attempt at getting attention.

  • I always assumed the mural belonged to the real estate company at the west end of that block:

  • How racist of you, Rodrigo.