Headlines: More Fat Bao; Light Rail Vandalism

Photo of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Stafford: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Hopefully all the folks that felt Houston to be a second class city for its lack of permanently installed mass transit infrastructure can rest easy knowing that our rail system is now attracting the customary, though unplanned, visual accoutrements of ghetto transiting systems worldwide.

    We’ve arrived.

  • So, the ghetto rail runs through the ghetto and now looks appropriately ghetto, what did ya’ll expect, unicorns and pixie dust?

  • Ugh, Graffiti seems to be making an inglorious comeback. COH needs to increase the penalties for tagging, often it’s gang related. When I lived in San Antonio it was so prevalent the city actually had an app for reporting graffitti, you simply took an image, downloaded it to the app with the location of the offense, then were given a case number and they followed up by telling you when it was removed. I must say the city was lightening quick about removing the graffitti and it normally didnt return. I was revolted that the idiots would even tag trees! I lived near a historical park and they would climb up in these huge majestic oaks and tag the limbs, using these grand old trees as a canvas for their “art”, the city would immediately come out and remove it, thankfully it never seemed to harm the trees. These vandals are notoriously hard to catch, maybe Houston should take notice at how NYC stopped tagging on the subway, otherwise the system may look like the opening credits to “Welcome Back, Kotter”.

  • The rail here will be highways for criminals.

  • Simple fix to avoid future additional problems … don’t build any more lines into these neighborhoods! It may sound bad, but the maintenance costs every taxpayer so if the “children” can’t play responsibly then don’t provide them any new toys.

    I am all for rail, but I have questioned the economic viability of the North Line extension for a long time. The University Line (delayed indefinitely), the East End Line, and the Southeast Line (up to Old Spanish Trail) at least have some demonstrable purpose, while the proposed US 90A/Southwest Rail Corridor has some potential as well.

  • You know what else is a highway for criminals?


    Criminals have cars.

  • Thank you @heyzeus

  • Computers are a highway for criminals too. shut down the internet!

  • If punks want to spraypaint the transit, maybe they dont deserve it. Just make the line a non stop to the airport.

  • @lhd
    Right on man!
    @ Everyone else
    Don’t you guys realize that only poor people are criminals and only poor people ride public transportation?
    Stiffer penalties are always the answer when it comes to crime too. Ever since we re-instituted capital punishments in the US, there have been no murders. Stiffer fines for crack eliminated the need for a war on drugs.
    Wake up ppl!

  • @lhd

    I’m reminded of a suggestion one Chronicle commenter had for re-purposing the Astrodome: convert it into a prison so (among other ‘benefits’) the inmates’ families can use the light rail when visiting.

    Brilliant, right? Was that you?

  • @#12

    I am actually laughing out loud.

    Sadly, that person was probably serious.

  • The gangs are already competing for control over the rail that’s not even up and running yet. Is anyone really going to feel safe riding this thing?

  • Number 12 has me rolling on the floor laughing

  • @#13/#15

    At the time, I took note of the comment link. I’d share, but unfortunately, the Chronicle has removed all comments from that blog post.

    And #13: sadly, I agree with you.

  • @detroux
    No. That wasn’t me that suggested that. However Minute Maid Park has been very empty lately and it is close to the downtown jail. That might be something to consider.

  • @lhd

    Ok, but where’s Taylor Swift supposed to play when she comes back to town? Think she could pull a Cash at Folsom?

  • @detroux
    That might be considered cruel and unusual punishment!