Headlines: New Owner for Meyerland Plaza; Galveston’s Daytripper Boon

Photo of the 1200 block of Elder in the First Ward: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Hate to say it, but the homeless shelters and related organizations south of Main are going to constrain some of the development in the midtown area.

  • After reading the story about the feeder road construction, something the business owner said struck me.
    They complained about the construction affecting their business. This, of course, makes sense. However, I don’t remember any large business opposition to this road project.
    What’s odd is that when METRO proposes its light rail project in the same area, all these businesses come out and say that they’ll go bankrupt if we put in the light rail. METRO even gives businesses $ during construction to help them out.
    How exactly is putting in light rail and doing the TXDOT work really any different? TXDOT doesn’t have to give $ to businesses. Both increase traffic during construction & restrict access to businesses on the road. Either METRO gets held to a higher standard when it comes to involving the public or it really boils down to a change-resistant, anti-rail bias.
    Just some thoughts….

  • @DNAguy, I think it has to do that business owner feel that the feeder road will bring more business in the long term, while the light rail will reduce business in the long term.

  • I was at Tacos-A-Go-Go last week and was wondering about the apartments that were being built. It’s about time too, as that little spot has always been lively and a good place to get away from the d-bags of the “hip” area of Midtown.

    I’ve always thought that the surface parking lot just north of that block could be put to better use. It does house a bicycle share station though, so I won’t be surprised if it becomes residential, but I’m hoping for another block of nightlife to go along with what’s already around the Continental Club.

  • Nestled in that little ABC piece is the fact that Zipcar is coming to Houston. Discuss.

  • @Heightsguy: Where exactly is “south of Main”?

    @wiggycat: I believe that surface lot was already purchased by a not-for-profit to be developed into an arts complex. I tried finding the link for you but it eludes me.

  • How, exactly, is 9235 Westheimer “near Terry Hershey Park”? It’s about 3.8 miles from the entrance to the park. It would be more accurate to say “near Chuy’s”.

  • Thought Zipcar was already here, at Rice, anyway. I’m reasonably astounded that they have an Audi A3.

  • @wiggy: TxDot does give money if they block a business during construction. It is a temporary taking.

  • South of Main would be the blocks touching San Jacinto and Caroline between 45 and 59.

  • That picture (Photo of the 1200 block of Elder in the First Ward: Russell Hancock) was probably taken from my driveway. Was the picture relevant to one of today’s stories? What is the deal with those houses? I’d love someone to try to save them if possible,

  • @Heightsguy

    Are you using Apple Maps? I still have no idea what “south of Main” is supposed to mean – Main is roughly a north-south street. Also, Main doesn’t touch Caroline or San Jacinto in Midtown.


    You’re comparing a proposed project to necessary maintenance so of course the requirements are different. When TxDOT proposes to build something new or “add capacity” as they call it, and they are using federal money, they also have to do an impact assessment and demonstrate how they will mitigate the impacts to an acceptable level. This includes economic impacts to businesses and issues of access.

  • @ postmaster

    that property and the shotgun homes on it are in the works to be purchased (very soon). Homes will go away and the property re-purposed

  • @Charles:

    i know that various warders have been talking about (and to-? not sure if it’s been broached yet) buying the shotguns from Ecc’sia to move to one of the nearby lots…