Headlines: Obama’s Harris County Nail-Biter; What Metro Referendum Win Means for Rail

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  • It’s about frekin’ time someone addresses and replaces the burned out decorative lights on the 59 bridges!

  • I live right by the bridges and never liked the lights from the beginning, leave them out. It is not just that the current type of light does/did not work, the installation was poor at best, with the lights literally falling off of the bridges. For some reason there is this mindset that structures need to have lighting on them. The bridges are beautiful in their own right and lights just tacky them up, leave them off and enjoy the simplicity of nice lines. Additionally, in a tight financial time does $700,000 really need to go to something as trivial as this?

  • Welcome to Sugar…err Big Brother Land. 200 cameras? The epitome of overkill.

  • Crossley’s group wants to sound the alarm, but the way I read it, Houston is spending substantially more money on transit than any comparable sunbelt/post-WW2 cities (i.e. Dallas, Miami, Atlanta), *AND* we’re spending more on roads than any of the cities studied.

    It speaks to our ability and willingness to invest in ourselves when other cities cannot afford to. That’s awesome. There is no downside.

  • Well killing off the LRT should be good for other cities, but bad for Houston.

    So the anti LRT crowd can finally stop pretending like they are/were pro bus now that they’ve finally gotten what they wanted. That was really getting on my nerves.

  • @anon22, who was pretending? I’ve thought for decades that bus is a far better solution for Houston than light rail. It doesn’t help that rail projects here are poorly imagined and implemented.

  • They wanted to eliminate metro completely, but now were forced to admit that transit may have some value. For them it is part of the negotiating process I suppose. Too bad they are going against the wishes of the 90% of houstonians who want light rail.

  • Atlanta already has a good rail system. You can hop on the train at the mall in Buckhead and ride it all the way to the airport south of the city. They no longer have to spend so much because the rail has been established for almost two decades.