Headlines: Occupy Houston Out; Doubting Zillow’s Zestimates

Photo of Asia Society Texas Center north gallery: Architangent

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  • I walked through that $19 Mil house in Carlton Woods when it was under construction. It was built quite well (all sound insulated water lines, framing overkill, etc.) I thought it was interesting that they clad the house in RED brick and then painted it all white. The only thing I don’t like is that for that size home it should have backed to the golf course, otherwise they will never get anywhere close to the money they’re asking for it.

  • Zillow is one of the best sources for real estate MISinformation for the Houston area. It has caused more confusion and angst than probably any other website.

    Is it accurate? Usually not. Is it close? Often, not at all.

    But most folks serious about real estate have known that for a while.

  • The occupy crowd cost the City of Houston (think City of Houston taxpayers) over $363,000 for four months of tresspassing. The organizers should be billed and if they refuse to pay, they should be sued.

  • Why is there no place that people can protest at 24/7?

    Did George Herman’s will include the right of anyone to be at Herman square park 24/7?