Headlines: Parking Space Cuts at U of H; Third Trader Joe’s Sets Opening Date

Photo of Blacksmith Coffee Under Construction, 1022 Westheimer: Candace Garcia

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  • You know who else opposes historic designation in Germantown? TXDOT. They can’t wait to run I-45 right through there.

  • I hope the coffee drinkers at Blacksmiths have some reverence for the place they are in (particularly the back patio). The ashes of many have been scattered there and many were people who suffered the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

    There was some effort to install a plaque or some type of memorial to designate this. I think the project was unsuccessful.

    If you want to talk about historic designation, this run down bar location has more historic value to Montrose than most of the buildings people want to designate as historic these days.

    Houston and Harris County played a BIG part in the early days of HIV/AIDS in the early 80s and the area was seen a place of refuge for many gay people.

  • If Mary’s can go from an empty shell to a coffee shop in 30 days I will be VERY impressed.

  • I hope they keep something as an homage to Mary’s. Maybe the att on the side? That place is a landmark. Never went in but it always caught my eye.

  • Depending on how much money the license plate “HOUSTON” brings in, maybe I’ll sell my “MONTROS” :)