Headlines: Picking a Buyer for Choice HISD Campus; Reviewing Houston’s ‘Big, Vulgar’ Street Art

Photo of River Oaks Country Club: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • “Parkside Capital Raising Millions To Develop Business Parks in Northwest Houston Along I-10” – No part of I-10 is in northwest Houston. It just goes west. You’d think the Houston Business Journal would get that straight.

  • If you use I10 as the north-south boundary then anything on the north side of I10 is in the northwest quadrant.

  • …on the west side of town, that is.

  • “… It’s a moral decision, not just a business decision. It would allow us to grow our student base.”
    -Rev. Fulton
    So if HISD was to go with a bid that makes it more $ over the long haul and with said money expands educational opportunity for its already substantial student base, how exactly is it not the best moral AND business decision for them to sell to the other guys…..?
    Rev, I think you better just stick to NIMBY-isms like apocalyptic traffic predictions and neighborhood destruction scenarios. Those tunes always play better in this town.

  • On a lighter note, the RO Country Club golf course sure looks green … Hopefully HISD sells to St.Thomas HS.But it probably won’t. STHS will be better stewards of the property. STHS should never have sold all of the land to the east of the campus(where the 4400 Memorial Dr. Apts. now stand;) STHS land locked itself and prevented the school from building a new football /sports stadium. Some people consider I-10 West the southern boundary of the NW Houston quadrant.If that is how you view the City.