Headlines: Pink’s Empire Expands; Welcome to Houstonia

Photo of Buffalo at South Main: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Wow, didn’t know that Texas Monthly was into printing manifestos. I guess if you’re going to run someone’s personal anti-Austin rant, it makes sense to turn off the comments, though.

  • “The restaurants are called Funky Chicken and Bradley’s Fine Diner; they will be located in the same shopping center at 810 Heights and 910 Heights, just south of I-10 near the new Walmart.”

    This is what I am talking about. Let’s describe everything in the Heights in relation to the new Wal-Mart, especially James Beard award winners starting restaurants in the heart of the Houston Heights.

  • Bradley Ogden was a celebrity chef in about 1994. His place at Caesar’s Palace closed last summer, and his company now has most of it’s locations in airport terminals. I guess he heard Houston has a good economy and thought he’d try to get in the game while it lasts for him.

  • The arguments for Houston as the Texas Capital actually make a ton of sense and sold me. Any lawyers out there know if it’s possible, and if so, how we begin the petitioning process?

  • Smaller cities being the capital seems to be the norm, particularly in states with larger populations. Jefferson City, Bismark, Salem, and Albany, anyone?

  • setting aside the ridiculous idea to relocate the capital, that texas monthly article did a pretty great job making me feel proud to live in houston.

  • Texas had to find a way to raise money for the new gov’t and taxing land was the only way to do it, hence Austin as the capital b/c it was closer to the large landowners who wanted to exercise their political influence.

  • @Densify

    It isn’t an anti-Austin rant, it’s simply affirming what everyone already knows to be true: Houston is superior.

    Also, lighten up. It’s clearly satire.

  • @MJ – I missed it if the piece was supposed to be satire. If so, it’s pretty funny.

    To the capitols in small cities, Mollusk is right. The government decided to make most states’ capitol cities separate from their major cities to avoid too much concentration of power and to try to avoid the capitols exclusively promoting the agendas of their large cities. This is much more important in other states like Illinois, where they only have one dominant population center than in a place like Texas, where we have many.

  • Personally, I always thought the city made the right choice back in 1842 in Houston’s second term, when we drove the Capital back to Washington on the Brazos because we didn’t want them wasting our office space.

    I prefer living in a city that isn’t the Capital. LA, Chicago, and NYC are both far more dynamic than their dreary capitals. Toronto and Montreal have always been better than Ottawa, and Frankfurt isn’t the Capital of Germany either.