Headlines: Pope’s t’afia Replacement Opens in Midtown; Award-Winning Toilets

Photo of West Loop: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • When I read Texas was in the top ten states for obesity, I nearly spit out my fifth slice of deep dish pizza all over my fried cheese sticks!!! Now if I only could find out why that that waitress is taking so long with with my diet soda refill?!

  • I love(d) T’afia. Not only was the restaurant great (and walking distance to those on the east side of Montrose), but their bar had an awesome happy hour that included free (yummy) appetizers with purchase of a drink (Tues-Thurs)
    And on weekends, they’d often do a farmers market where my wife and I would walk and grab some local grub to cook up at home.
    I wish her luck on her new place!

  • thanks for the tip on the wicked whisk thing. just got back from getting lunch there, and it was a pretty cool experience. my burger was pretty over-the-top, the menu had lots of interesting things to pick from with reasonable prices, and it was kind of a treat to sit and watch them make our food and chat a bit.

    if you work downtown it’s definitely worth the walk down there for lunch before the month ends.