Headlines: Popular Harris County; Houston’s Hipster Factor

Photo of homes behind Washington Ave.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • We’re just living in Houston before its cool.

  • Could the mystery entertainment district be one of those mystery theme parks?

  • It is amazing to see how much of Harris County is still empty. There’s still empty areas within the Beltway to the northeast and south.

  • True hipsters realize that once a place is known as a hipster, it’s no longer hip.

  • Dana-X is correct. In the same vein, a “dive bar” is no longer a dive once it’s known as a dive.

  • @Dana-X & UrbanNomad

    And there in lies the catch 22 of hipsterdom. The irony of which is both lost on them AND intended by them.

    Consider your mind blown.

  • Beards and Raybans for everyone!

  • @UrbanNomad There’s a difference between a “dive bar” and a dive bar. Hipsters or yuppies or whomever can take over a dive bar and turn it into a “dive bar”. There are plenty of dive bars that are still dives.

    For example, despite being on the cover of the such a sterling example of an actual dive that it made it on the cover of the Guide to Houston Dive Bars, you won’t see any hipsters hanging out in the Longhorn Saloon.

  • oops, Lone Star Saloon. Downtown on Travis.

  • We must be really hip, we bailed out almost a year ago.

  • @Drew J
    A dive bar without hipsters is called simply a “crappy bar.” Dive is by definition hipster slang. Otherwise, Houston would have topped the list based on crappy bars/icehouses alone!! Point taken though.