Headlines: Preserving Freedman Town’s Brick Streets; Touring the Public Art of UH

Photo of Downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • In the Kirby towers article, it also talks about central square plaza in Midtown:

    “”We’ve already started cleaning the building,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll start on renovations in the next 30 or 60 days.”

    Wow, that was fast. Curious what it will become.

  • I have been going to Stewart Beach for a decade and have never been told that I cannot plant my own umbrella and have never seen anyone else told that they have to take down an umbrella they brought with them. I suspect that the umbrella vendor and the City are pretending that they are doing everyone a favor by setting up tiny strips at the far ends of the beach for people bringing their own umbrellas when this is really the beginning of a crackdown on people who have been bringing umbrellas to the beach for years to try to muscle more business for the guy who rents umbrellas for outrageous sums. This is a total dick move if it is enforced. Galveston’s beaches are not that nice, but they are affordable and close by. Pulling crap like this will just discourage people from coming to the island, which will just harm the broader interests of the island in favor of some guy who owns a bunch of umbrellas.

  • Kind of stinks the Chronicle expects you to pay to read the articles, would have been interested in reading about the bricks in freedman’s town otherwise.

  • @cm: If you Google the title of the article, that link will allow you past the paywall.

  • Sara deserves an award! From the article:

    “Of the 530 historic buildings listed in 1984, when Freedmen’s Town received its historic designation, more than 500 have disappeared”

    So much for the supposed commitment to “historic preservation” in this city.

  • The only historic items really safe from bulldozers in Houston are those, like the Freedmen Town bricks, that can be used as charming accoutrements/eye candy for the new residents while they walk their dogs or “entertain”.