Headlines: Putting the Creek in Cross Creek Ranch; Flooding the Omni Hotel Parking Lot

Photo of GreenStreet after Foleys’s demo: Jon Morris

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  • The Omni floods frequently, maybe they should have built it higher next to the bayou!!

  • One would think the hotel would warn the valet company that in a major rain event the Bayou floods. Meteoroloists had warned of heavy rains for the area, it’s not as if the heavy rain came as a shock. It’s inexcusable that the hotel would pawn it off on the valet company when they know full well that area floods. The Omni sits in a pretty slip of land and is unique however, that uniqueness comes with a heavy price. To be honest I’m always amazed hey can get insurance, talk about being in a flood plain. It would seem commonsense to close off sections of the parking lot if it rains at all, why take a chance that your guests vehicles will be totaled when they wake, “Good morning, here’s your Continental Breakfast with a side of Catfish we fished out of your car”.

  • I live close to Buffalo Bayou. I lost two cars during a heavy rain in 2009. The water came up too fast to save the cars. By the time I found out they were flooding they were in a couple feet of snake infested water. The insurance company paid up right away and didn’t raise my rates. These people should have no problem if they have insurance.

  • Biggert-Waters Act anyone? Exact information is hard to come by at present, but I think folks with property in certain flood zones, and having a history of expensive flood claims, are going to get whacked when their flood policies next come up for renewal. If the Omni is still in business in two years, I will be surprised.