Headlines: Retiring in River Oaks; Naming Fake Space Shuttle

Photo: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Seems like if you have the money to live in River Oaks, you’d have a staff of caregivers and never have to leave your house in your Golden Years, that’s kinda the point of being rich. Having said that I’m sure this will be a success, but most of its occupants probably won’t actually come from River Oaks.

  • @Shannon —
    I have several senior adult friends who had staff but still got tired of rattling around in a big RO house with seldom used rooms and extensive landscaping. They found that downsizing to a nice apartment or smaller house was actually a liberating experience.

  • @Artfox.. Can I have their big ole empty house and extensive gardens, (oh and the staff and gardener too). I live in a bungalow and would love the added space!