Headlines: Revitalizing Independence Heights; Worrying About Houston’s Fine Dust

Photo of Montrose Blvd. bridge over US-59: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Is there 1st floor retail at 2411 Washington?

  • My husband once showed me how sargassum is a little world of creatures. I didn’t realize it was considered an infestation. I would think it aids in dune creation.

  • 2411 Washington is ground floor retail “ready”, but the developers have put in private amenities for residents instead of trying to lease. Potentially, they could lease out the ground floor in the future, but nothing for now.

  • @Old School.

    Thanks. I thought it looked as if there was empty space that could be used.

    Seems like maybe this could/ should be a model for future developments…. A flex space that will eventually be turned into retail, when the market demands.

  • @luciaphile.

    There’s a great information board about Sargassum at the Galveston Island State Park. The seaweed does anchor dunes, and the myriad life forms that cling to it are the base of the beach food chain. An extended lack of Sargassum would eventually collapse the local ecosystem.

  • I’m glad the city is offering more variances to let developers build these apartments right up to the sidewalk, rather than the 20′ setback normally enforced. It will make for more walkable areas in the future.

  • if the Pelican Island bridge is suject to historic protections preventing it’s replacement then it’s a good argument to never have historic designations in the first place.

  • “An extended lack of Sargassum would eventually collapse the local ecosystem.”