Headlines: San Francisco Buyer for Downtown Exxon Tower; Killen, Hubcap Combo for Shady Acres

Photo of new U.S. 290 sign: Rusty Graham/Cleveland Advocate

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  • I am glad to hear about the Recycling Center idea. What a pleasant surprise it would be to see Houston (!) at the US forefront of domestic trash recycling.

  • The Killen’s idea is interesting. I’m glad he has the foresight to set the menu pricing in line with the demographics of the neighborhood. West 19th Street isn’t going to attract the expense account businessmen that populate Flemings and Morton’s.

  • If the food is as good as folks say it is, people will flock to Killens on 19th. Saying they’ll open in 90 days is a joke though. Maybe 9 months. The existing building is a dump.

  • Oh great let’s honor the godfather of outsourcing, Ronnie Reagan. The man who during his 8 years 1/3rd of all heavy industries were lost in America, before him this country actually made things, back when MADE in USA meant something. At least the Space Monkey Wrongney lost..

  • Feel better now, CM?

  • @cm, just what, exactly, do you think a President can do to prevent jobs from moving overseas?

  • Not encourage trickle down (ie. voodoo) economics.. Even Bush Sr, knew better but hey being VP means you can put your better sense aside for a cushy position.

    It costs 10x more to manufacture in Japan yet they’re competitive on the world market, why can’t we be more competitive stateside? Sure would love to see American made TV’s, Car’s, Computers again versus expanding the trade deficit with China..

  • When that evil old fart GHW Bush kicks it then we can have the Iran-Contra Memorial Highway?