Headlines: San Jacinto River Dioxin Lawsuit; Squatting in Barracks Near Galveston Beach

Photo: Thomas Hawk [license]

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  • While I think the photo is lovely, PLEASE, PLEASE pick photographs associated with the stories! It isn’t that hard to throw a photo of Hobby, the Heights, City Center, the Galveston Barracks, a Dunkin Donuts sign, or anything that actually relates to one of the stories. Save this picture for a story about downtown, or how about a story on the Rice Hotel? Thanks,

  • Agree with StO. Also, that’s the 2nd Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins *combo* store, not the 2nd DD.

  • Thanks for the comments. Since this is still a relatively new feature, feedback is definitely helpful to find the best way to do it. My thinking is that since I can’t always get a photo at the top that corresponds with one of the stories (today, of course, being an exception), I generally err on using photos that don’t. My question to you then is, would it be more jarring to have photos correspond only occasionally, or never? Also, while on the topic, if you’re a photographer who would like your photos to be used, feel free to submit them to the Swamplot Flickr pool. And thanks @joewhite for the Dunkin Donuts note. That’s been fixed.

  • That’s interesting about Dunkin. I thought they were pretty much completely done with the combo stores given the different needs and location requirements for the two concepts. I guess a non-traditional airport location is a bit of a different animal.

  • There’s one on Highway 6. I once got a glazed donut and Mint chocolate chip ice cream at the same time. The carb coma was awesome!

  • Where did that picture come from? It looks like it would have had to be taken by someone who climbed onto my boyfriend’s roof deck at the Rice, scaled the wall, and then taken the picture from his apartment’s roof. Hmm.