Headlines: Sprucing Up Alley Theatre; Running with the Bulls in Baytown

Photo of Buffalo Speedway at Willowbend: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Bob Perry is dead. Yet his legacy, the homes he built, will live on forever. Or not.

  • One of Perry’s legacies is that I’ve got a better warranty on the used car I bought last year than many people get on their newly built houses.

  • It’s about time they take a pressure washer to the Alley!

  • I’ll let ya’ll in on a dirty little secret, the Builder Warranty does not exist, the documents you sign are actually a disguised Arbitration Agreement to keep major issues out of court. There are manufacturer’s warranties that cover all appliances for a couple of years and any other issues the builder will pass through to the subcontractor who SHOULD be covered by bond or insurance.

  • Prevailing sentiment among people with law licenses is that a document claiming to grant a warranty is a warranty. Of course, it can also have an arbitration provision in it, as can most contracts.

    Thank you for the laugh I got from the idea that residential subs would have performance bonds or some sort of product insurance (particularly residential subs who do production type projects), though it took a while to clean the coffee off the computer screen and desk.

  • @mollusk, if you read the “warranty” it rarely actually warrants anything and excludes a lot of items specifically. Do you know if your foundation cracks and you refer back to the warranty provider, you will be asked “have you watered your foundation on regular basis?”.

    The word SHOULD was capitalized for a reason, and if they’re not, it’s easier to get them to fix it at their own expense or just stonewall the home owner, depending on what the PR fallout may be.