Headlines: Stockpiling Drinking Water; Experimenting with Houston’s Easements and Ditches

Photo of construction work at Savoy Hotel Downtown: Swamplot inbox

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  • “If you’re gonna play in Texas you better have a fiddle in the band”

    “If you’re gonna build in Texas you better have retail on the first floor land”

    Poor Savoy didnt stand a chance without luxury apts and first floor retail. Downtown of all places!!

  • Benny – I bet we could save the dome if we added first floor retail to it.

  • Benny — No. The Houston Club building proves you wrong. Please stop propagandizing this site. It has enough trolls as it is.

  • @ Walt, Excellent idea, we should convert Astrodome to a super wal-mart/fiesta hybrid on the first floor and the upper deck build out as luxury Class A apartments. Calling Ed Emmitt right now with our proposal. How many pounds/tons of crack you guys think was smoked on the roof of that Savoy ??? lol

  • Re: Downtown Metrorail shut down for the holiday weekend: And they wonder why people don’t frequent downtown.

  • Now here’s where we disagree Benny. The first floor retail in the dome needs to appeal to those who already frequent Reliant park. Otherwise, the Texans and the Rodeo won’t sign off on it. So I propose the following combination of first floor retail for the dome; A Spec’s that has a special permit to open at 7am on Sundays (Texan’s crowd); A Ford dealership – trucks only(rodeo crowd); a tattoo parlor (monster truck & motocross crowd); and a gun shop (for all the previously mentioned crowds)…with class A luxury rentals above.

  • I like the trash chute into the dumpster, it’ll be good to see this and Central Square get renovated.

  • @ Pffft – the reason the rail is shut down this weekend is because of work to tie the Red Line into the two East End lines. This isn’t the first shut down and won’t be the last, but we can’t just wave a wand and have it appear out of nowhere. It would be nice if we could – my parking garage at work has its only access on Rusk, on the side where the tracks will be. I’m just taking solace from the likelihood that once that work is done, the deep dip at the curb will be eliminated and I won’t have to do a slow pirouette to get in and out without scraping off the front of my car.

  • All excellent ideas Walt, you’re going to kill it!! Problem is that is too easy, monopoly would run into Sherman anti trust act or something.lol.