Headlines: ‘Streets’ Open at Texas City Outlet Mall; Wi-Fi Bus to Atlanta

Photo of revised mural along Alabama at 3710 Travis St.: Candace Garcia

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  • I think that mural has a caption “If you borrowed irresponsibly for a house you couldn’t afford, I will take your neighbor’s money to bail YOU out”.

  • I think the caption actually reads “The bailouts of AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc, took place in September 2008 when Bush was president, so why don’t you myopic bothersome conservatives go find useful hobbies instead of trying to spread your two minutes’ hate on real estate blogs”.

    Cool mural BTW.

  • Really? I think the new mural implies the President is looking for your vote. What are you going on about?

  • A caption contest! Great idea.

    Targeting the productive sector:
    YOU didn’t built that!
    YOU have to pay your ‘Fair Share’

    Targeting his base:
    YOU deserve other peoples money
    YOU deserve to remain dependent

  • that image looks intimidating to me

  • Enormous murals of politicians creep me out.

  • 53percent,
    Targeting the illiterate sector:
    Go back to school and learn proper use of the english language and pay for it yourself, no financial aid for you.

  • Capital E? SMH

  • I thought it was supposed to mean

    “Uncle Sam wants YOU!”

    but without all the red, white and blue of course.

  • Dude looks as gangsta in that Uncle Sam pose as his plaintiff attorney funders– heck, maybe even more gangsta, if that’s possible.

  • Funny, I recall lots of bailouts that saved executives of major banks and auto companies, but none for simple homeowners getting foreclosed upon, or for people with crushing student loan debt. Not funny ha-ha, per se, but still funny.

  • 53percent, you listen to way too much Rushbo. You do realize that the ‘you didn’t build that’ thing was completely taken out of context right?The conservatives to get your vote have to rely on misinformation and propaganda. He was talking about how small businesses didn’t build the roads and bridges they use in order to transport goods and services. The government provided those roads and bridges, so therefor they didn’t build that. But don’t listen to facts, just go back to listening to AM propaganda radio.

  • Nice shrine to King O-blame-o. Time to send him back to Chicagoland where he belongs.