Headlines: Studemont Kroger Sneak Peek; Cottonwood Translates the Alamo

Photo of new Kroger at 1440 Studemont: Candace Garcia

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  • Party Kroger it is! Although I still would have preferred HEB…

  • Im glad these two stores are opening, will be much easier for me to grocery shop since I live like a mile away in The Heights. I just wish they were more urban looking, oh well.

  • I prefer the name Brogers.

  • Got my open house invite yesterday, still just a Kroger though. Can’t imagine it’s any better or worse than the store on 11th in the Heights.

  • The only thing unique or appealing about Krogers is that we name them – that, and the shelves literally holler at you. I can’t imagine setting foot into the joint more than once in a blue moon.

  • Party Kroger will propably stick, but I like the Heights Kroger, or, “Hoger”.

  • Just passed the Broger. The sneak peak party is in full swing. Welcome to the no man’s land between the Heights and Montrose.

  • Ugly facade on that Kroger.

  • I know I am a little late to the game, but I think it should be called “Stoger”. It is an amalgamation of three things:

    1. Studewood + Kroger

    2. “Dude, I am totally stoked that there is a new Kroger”

    3. On the way out of Washington Ave bars at 1:30 am, liquored up frat boys will have the following discussion:

    Q:”Bro, where are we going to get more beer?”
    A: (completely wasted) “Uhhh, lehhsss ga ta [kr]oger!”
    Q: “Wha?”
    A: “Brah, Sssshtoger!” (bends over to give 6 bud lights back to the City sewer system)