Headlines: The Arena in the Astrodome Option; Salvaging the Salvage Warehouse

Photo: Candace Garcia, via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Good news about Historic Houston, yes their prices were substantially higher than other local “for profit” salvage companies, but it’s good to have another source for hard to find materials.

  • What are some similar local businesses?

  • Certainly they were not more expensive than Adkins, and thy always had a much better selection of interior hardware and trim bits, what other local businesses are you referring to?

  • I haven’t been to Adkins in years, it was fun to walk around and look at all the old stuff, but that’s about it. When I need salvage material its 2 panel doors, old sash windows and 2 ¼ heartpine flooring. There is a guy named Wes on 27th near Shepard (mostly flooring and doors), the other guy on Main and Bishop near downtown (mostly flooring and brick). They don’t bother with trim and small items. A lot of times material comes in it’s sold in a day or two. These places cater to professionals. Recently I got about 600 sqft of 70-80 year old pine flooring from the guy on Main for $400, it was definitely from a crack house, it was covered in candle wax and a substantial amount on dried blood and it reeked of urine. Once I let it air out and refinished them it looked amazing. Sorry, I don’t have any addresses or phone numbers but I have been going to them for years now, these places attract a rough crowd so be careful.