Headlines: The Astrodome on Today’s Ballot; More Free Press Summer Fest

Photo of Discovery Green: Jesus Jimenez via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Funny thing about that section of Memorial Drive on the ABC13 report — I’ve never seen it flooded or truly congested . . . unless “congested” means it takes more than one light cycle to make it through an intersection.

  • Every local news story not about murder/lost cat coming home/feel-good, conquering adversity story:
    Local news: Change?
    Interviewed person: NO! [Provides alternative they have no qualification to provide]
    –the end.

  • That stretch of Memorial is not only congested, it’s flat out ugly. I’m sure some want a meridian for aesthetics. Of course businesses don’t want construction, but so what? I’ve been waiting for years for the county to force the Memorisl Villages to expand Memorial Dr., it’s absurd that it’s 2 narrow lanes, lined with ditches no less..,lovely.

  • There are other sections of Memorial where the road is falling apart. This area is still smooth and drive-able and does not need to be re-worked.

  • If the city is really ready to throw road construction dollars into this area, I would rather see it go to Kirkwood Road between Memorial and Westheimer. It’s much, much worse.

  • No business that accessed by road in a car dependent city ever wants construction on that road. It sucks that construction disrupts businesses, but if we listened to all of them, we’d never fix or expand any roads.

  • Save the dome….ride a cowboy….