Headlines: The Costs of Woodlands Independence; Outpatients for Baylor’s Empty Hospital

Photo of Minute Maid Park on opening day: Candace Garcia

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  • Well, if State Farm is picking and choosing (ie: we only want to insure people who will NEVER file a claim) perhaps they should not be allowed to write ANY policies in the state of Texas.

  • miss_msry,

    I don’t know what magic they have that can determine who will “never” file a claim, but the nature of business is to make money and if you can’t make money insuring certain groups in Texas, you don’t insure them. Someone else, who figures out how to make money insuring them, will come along, probably at a much higher price. If you own your own home, then self-insurance can be a perfectly acceptable way to go.

  • Interesting article about the U.S. Customs. I wonder if they employ full-time biologists or if they just contract out this function whenever they find an invasive.