Headlines: The Katy Football Stadium Spending Spree; The West Houston Submarket Sprawl

Photo of Downtown: Jesus Jimenez via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I think that this bond issue is a perfect test for all those Teapartarians in Katy.
    Are you really against gov borrowing / spending or are you just against it for minorities and poors?

  • I do understand that SH 288 is backed up horribly, but I’m thinking that perhaps the SH 35 alignment out to Alvin would provide similar relief, vastly improved mobility for people in that east Pearland/Friendswood/Alvin swath, and also be more able to generate revenues to cover its costs.

    Also, just as was done with the Westpark Toll Road, doing the SH 35 alignment first would provide relief for when SH 288 gets torn up.

  • Every park needs a Master Plan, it seems counterproductive to start anything without a completed profile of the plan from start to finish, otherwise you get a disjointed finished product. People want to know what the phases are, when they are to be completed, and what all the completed phases add up to before the project id started, this circumvents unexpected and unwanted changes all along the way, no firm even considers starting something like this without a fully completed Master Plan, to do otherwise is completely unexeptable. The architects comments about Memorial being designed as less European is comical, Memorial has never been a City Beautiful Park like Hermann, it’s always been more of a natural forest, so his firm is hardly reinventing the wheel here, it’s not like he’s turning Central Park into The Big Thicket, it pretty much always was a slightly tamed East Texas Forest. I actually am a bit disappointed, I was hoping Memorial would get some really pretty Hermann like City Beautiful design, tho keeping the natural look Memorial has always had, but listening to this architect blather on, it seems what the COH is paying for is a firm to design the Park to essentially look exactly as it did before, which is fine, but why pay them, who not just get the old Blue Print out of Mothballs and just impliment that, at least it was actually a “Master Plan” and not some random design, built on the fly as he goes along, “following nature and the lay of the land”. He wants to suing like Olmstead (who ALWAYS worked with a Master Plan) instead of coming off as, well, let’s just say not Olmstead, and leave it at that.

  • @DNAguy, the point you’re trying to make assumes that entire Katy is made of conservative voters, which is a fallacy. Nice try though.

  • School bonds always pass. “Its for the children”

  • Really weird how some people have the Tea Party on the brain 24/7. It’s like an obsession.

  • This country is doomed…how about $69M on math and science curriculums and smaller class sizes?

    Dollar for dollar citizens and students get much more return on investment for that than for sports stadiums.

  • If the new master plan drives home the point that Memorial Park should remain a slightly tamed forest, that’s a very good thing.

  • There is no Master Plan, didn’t you read the article–that’s his point, the firsts will be his guide as he goes along..a terribe idea, you want an agreed upon Master Plan before you do anything! That’s Landscape 101–I have no clue why the park even needs a new plan, the original Master Plan is beautiful. Why must people always fuck up perfection in the name of “progress”–change just for sake of change is counterproductive. Memorial is one of the jewels of the park system, it’s kinda scary when you listen to this guy explain his vision, all this new age rhetoric and smoke and mirrors..just show us what ily plan to do! All of it and we’ll assess it, not I’ll crawl thru the forest and commune with the pine cones.