Headlines: The Old Sharpstown Mall’s New Movie Theater; Demolition Day in Houston

Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • It’s great that they finally filled the cinema at the Plaz Americas Mall. they’ve been working on that for a while. I do hope the Viva Cinema helps draw a wider audience to the Mall. It’d be really awesome to see first-run Latin American indie films there. And Given the diversity of the area, they could add some Bollywood and new Chinese films into the mix. I’d go.
    Of course, I could be dreaming. The rest of the mall has the look and feel of a giant dollar store. The theater might wind up just playing blockbusters with subtitles, and being overrun by particularly unruly teenagers. Only time will tell.

  • Good progress is being made on the JW Marriott downtown, but they really need to do something about the old Battelstein’s next door to it (812 Main). It’s been vacant for decades, and now with all the vacant buildings around it dealt with (after building BG Group Place across the street, the Main@Walker garage next door, and now the JW Marriott on the other side), it seems like a prime building to redevelop.